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The Mini.T

Your complete naturalistic kit

Congratulations on your purchase! The Mini T is everything you need for a desktop terrarium. Ideal for both of the small species like Leptothorax and Temnothorax. Whichever you chose you will enjoy them in your view while you work or study for hours at a time.

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Setup instructions

Please note, your Mini T will take a minimum of 4 weeks to be ready for your chosen species to move in. It is vital you wait for the allocated times indicated below. This is because your Mini T will produce mold and micro fungi while it settles and becomes bioactive. After a couple of weeks this will seemingly disappear and become habitable.

Step by step

The next 2 weeks

Over the next 2 weeks you will notice mold come and go, it will look like your mini t is a hostile environment, and it is. do not add any life until 14 days pass and it is settled. If it looks to be drying out you can add small amounts of water during this time.

While this is happening, make sure you are feeding your ants and cleanup crew as normal in their pot & tube. your cleanup crew love dead leaves and the off oat flake.

below is some examples of mold growth which is nothing to worry about.


Add the Cleanup Crew

you can now add your cleanup crew and once in, lid them up and leave for a further 2 weeks before adding your ants. Your Mini.T will now be bioactive and you can enjoy seeing your cleanup crew cycling soil, eating and getting the environment ready for your colony


Add the Ants

The wait is over and it is time. It must have felt like a LONG wait too, but it will all be worth it in this moment as you can not add your colony. The tiny test tube they are in is the perfect fit to be placed within the Mini T and they will move out within a few days, as soon as they do you can remove the tube. Placing the exit lower than the water side will also help in their move.

Things to note;

  • your colony will not need water, simply hydrate the Mini.T once a week with between 5 and 15ml of water, common sense applies here though, don't let it get too wet or dry out completely.

  • feed your colony as normal but remember to add a little extra protein and sugars (along with a small amount of dead leaf). Your isopods need to eat too and will share with your colony.

  • DO NOT dig in your mini t or disturb the log / stones. Even if you can not see them your colony may well be underneath and disturbance could cause a tunnel collapse

  • remember to cut your plants as they overgrow, you can plant the trimmings in your home too and get extra plants for your next project.

If you have any questions at all then please do get in touch.

The final rule... Enjoy your setup.

Care Sheets

Click the image below for your species care guide.

Leptothorax acevorum 1a.jpg


Themno Ua.jpg


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