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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome back to ANTCON for our fourth edition of the best customer appreciation event out there.


We are SUPER excited to see you all return for the 2025 edition of ANTCON.



the antcon story

Starting as a crazy concept, Antcon was created as a way to give back to our community. It is our way of thanking our customers in an exclusive event where keepers can make new friends, learn something new and grab some amazing discounts on our store stock.


From little acorns Antcon grew to the most vibrant and inclusive ant-keeper event in the UK to date. We are proud to host such a diverse and fanatical experience for you wonderful humans!

Antcon is a day where we invite you into our store (our home) and let you snoop around in our active and working business. We entertain you with talkers, meet your most loved content creators, play games and enjoy activities.


We get to socially meet once a year.


Antcon is family, Antcon is home.

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