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Free Colonies for Schools

Educating our future Entomologists, Myrmecologists and Conservationists is key to ensuring our natural world is protected.  Being a keystone species, ants are perfect classroom pets which can teach our children a great deal.

From tiny colonies, armies grow.  In the wild ants are a part of nature and without them the world as we know it will crumble.  

In your classroom, caring for a colony and bringing them to flourish will become part of your weekly routine and even give your students something to take home in holidays and enjoy.

Our scheme is completely free to Schools and we we offer a choice of species.  Our Scheme also offers a free nest (which can be exchanged for larger ones over time), as well as the sugars needed for the colony.  The only thing you will need to source is a form of proteins for your colony but we will help you know what is what.

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If you are a Teacher who would love to know more and ultimately take delivery your free colony, please get in touch with us and we will be thrilled to help you.

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