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Shipping break upcoming,

We will not be shipping any orders during our annual ANTCON event.

Our shipping break will be from the 6th May to the 14th May,

This means if you place an order on or after Friday 3rd of May, Your order will not be shipped until the 14th.

During this time and because of in-person sales, there is a small chance items will be accidentally double-sold. If this happens we will contact you ASAP.


We are currently only shipping to the UK

EU services have been suspended. We have no plans to re-introduce it at this time.

Standard & Live Arrival Services:


GREEN Status: Shipping as normal

AMBER status: Possible dispatch delays (We only ship at +5 degrees overnight in your area)

RED Status: Shipping suspended due to cold

Standard No Live Arrival Services to Europe:

We have no plans to begin shipping to the EU at this time. We may begin shipping to the EU in the future.

Rest of the World:

If your country is not listed above, we DO NOT ship there.

Please refrain from contacting us to ask if we do ship to your unlisted ROTW country outside of the EU.

Find out more about our shipping services by scrolling down.

Shipping types - UK



Purchases where ants are selected and this service is used: We will ship them but they are excluded from our live arrival guarantees and complimentary items.

Dispatches in 2-5 days on 48 hour service


Standard Shipping with NO Guarantee

This service is for customers who wish to order dry goods and foods on a Royal Mail 48 Service.

Snail Mail terms and conditions;

If you order living items on this service they will not be covered by any guarantees offered by Ant Antics Limited as this service is not designed for the shipping of our precious queens.

We will however ship your order if you have selected this shipping as it is assumed it was a conscious decision. We will also send live ants on a 24 service instead of a 48. However, any losses in transit are the customers responsibility.


tracked-24-next-day-delivery-banner-vapeclub-uk (1).jpg


Purchases with living items are sent with a tracked service, email updates and a delivery window. This quicker service offers LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE and complimentary items if in stock

Dispatches in 1-3 days on 24 hour service


Tracked Shipping with Live Arrival Guarantee

This service is for customers who wish to have a LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE & FERTILITY GUARANTEE on their colony to protect themselves against any unfortunate death on the road or infertility of a fresh queen.

Tracked shipping Guarantee terms and conditions;

Your queen will be covered in full for 12 hours post arrival offering a free return and replacement of your queen providing you did not miss her delivery (if you did you must have collected the same day) and you do not break the security seal on her test tube (in the event we have sold out you will be given credit).

You will also get a 3 day coverage for part of your queens value (workers and return shipping excluded)

Returned Ants - UK CUSTOMERS (Both Standard & Tracked)

In the event your colony is returned to us at any point of its journey to you, we will refund the colony (providing they are alive) less a £10 restocking fee and less whatever shipping was originally charged. We charge this fee to cover the return charges set by the courier as well as transaction fees.  If your Colony is not alive, no refund is permitted.

Live Animal Refunds or customer returns - UK CUSTOMERS

We do not offer any rights of return on Live animals sold on our store. Once a colony leaves us and is with the customer, we have no control over the conditions or treatment of the colony and can not accept returns on them.

The only instance a return could take place is if the colony still has its security seal in place and is returned within 12 hours of receiving them.  In this instance we will apply credit to the customers account for the colony after 1 week of quarantine to ensure the stress on the colony has not caused a loss.

Shipping - EU

We are not Shipping to the EU at this time.

Sales to overseas countries are shipped on the following Tuesday and using an international service through Royal Mail (or faster courier if selected). 


Your arrival time will vary and you will need to be aware of your weather when ordering to ensure the ants will be ok.

Typical arrival times

EU - 3 to 7 days

Courier - Typically 3 working days

Please note: If these times are to slow then please contact us for a personalised courier shipping quote

Terms of service for overseas shipping:

All overseas shipments are excluded from our live arrival guarantee(s) 

Purchasers are responsible for their own countries import laws and requirements: We are not able to keep abreast of so many countries individual requirements and as such we cannot accept responsibility for delays, seizures or deaths during the process.


You are required to fulfill any legal requirements and we simply "pack and ship" your order as received.

Returned Ants

In the event your colony is returned to us at any point of its journey to you, we will refund the colony (providing they are alive) less a £15 (or 20%, whichever is less) restocking fee. You will also not be refunded whatever shipping was charged.

We charge these fees to cover the return charges set by the courier.  If your Colony is not alive, no refund is permitted.

Cancelling an order

If you order a live ant during a time we are not shipping to your country or select the incorrect service then we will have to cancel your order. Cancelling your order will incur a 5% fee deducted from any refund. 

Shipping price

This depends on your country, visit the checkout to see more information on your shipping costs.

Shipping - ROTW

Shipping to the REST OF THE WORLD

We do not currently ship live animals to the rest of the world and all services to Non UK and Non EU destinations for live animals have been suspended with immediate effect.

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