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Welcome to Ant Antics. We are not like other ant stores. We do things differently here and we create experiences for both new and seasoned ant-keepers. From our unboxing experience to the love we give every single queen, we have earned our place as one the greatest in the business and if we are excluding modesty then we can say "we are the best at it"

It all started when we as keepers, ordered a queen in 2019 from another company. The excitement of choosing our new species and the hours or making sure she was right for us before hitting "checkout" was followed by a few days waiting that felt like weeks. On arrival we received our new pet in a bubble envelope! with nothing other than the queen within.

This makes us sad. Your new pet should be an experience, something special and something unforgettable. It was on this day Ant Antics was born.  Our very name stands to put right the very antics in the industry that we aim to change. One customer at a time!

Buying from us means you will get the best service in the industry from people who genuinely care about our queens. You will have our support, access to our groups and community as well as the knowledge that your queen is responsibly raised, healthy and of the best quality.

Welcome to Ant Antics, this is family.

Ant Antics and its associated brand is a trade mark of Ant Antics Limited and Ants Wales (Morgrug Cymru). For information on the use of our trademarks or to report unauthorised publications containing our imagery or name please contact us on

Responsible Selling

Our motto here is "pet ants, done right" and with a few companies out there you can rest assured that when you buy from Ant Antics that you are buying from the best. We tick all of the boxes for a place you can trust.


We are a Registered Company on Companies House


We are fully insured for Employers, Public and Product liability up to 10mil


We pay above minimum wage to our trusted team


We display our address


We have a business address you can visit to purchase your colonies or meet our staff


We are innovative and strive to improve this industry


We are award winning and are the "Specialist pet store of the year" for Wales 2022/2023



comes first!

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