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Book to Visit us

Why not book yourself in to come and meet some colonies, choose your queen yourself or simply grab your supplies? 

With our collection room we have a relaxed vibe within our store where you can enjoy our display colonies and get some inspiration for your own setup whilst picking our brains directly.

The Collection room (Aka Mini-shop) is open Tuesdays to Saturdays for you to book.


The booking cost is just £5 deposit for day shoppers (to ensure you arrive when we staff the store for your visit, the cost is deducted from your purchases on the day)


For order collections, its FREE to book your time. Simply make your order and select "collect in store", you can then book below and pop on down.

Colonies currently on display;

  • Carebara Diversa | 4 queen (Asian Marauder Ant)

  • Atta Mexicana (Leafcutter Ants)

  • Formica Fusca | 3 queen (Wood Ants)

  • Formica Cunicularia

  • Temnothorax (Acorn Ants)

  • Messor Barbarus (Sociable Ants)

  • Lasius Niger (Garden Ants)

  • Camponotus Singularis

  • Yellow Crazy Ants

  • Monomorium Subopacum

  • Polyrhachis Dives

  • Monomorium sp.

  • Tetramorium Bicartinum

  • Pheidole Indica

  • Pheidole Megacephala

  • Harpegnathos Venator

  • Messor Arenarius

Plus more to be added soon


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