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Holiday Cover

At Ant Antics, we like to make things easy for our customers wherever we can.  We can provide a holiday service for you when you are away so your colony can have continued love and care.

Our boarding service is only available for colonies which have been purchased from us.

What we provide:

  • We provide a place for your colony to be kept and we provide a day/night light cycle, heat and peace for them to enjoy their time.

  • Daily checks and maintenance for your colony which will be added to our store check list.

  • Daily food by way of varied fresh proteins and sugars. As with our own colonies, yours will always have food and water available at all times.

  • A Weekly photo or short video to you by email of your colony to see they are doing just great.

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Pricing will vary depending on the size and species of colony, we factor in the amount of food we will be providing, the time cost in wages for our team to provide their care, as well as the heating cost spend in energy.  These prices are approximate and will be quoted individually.

Prices for feeding and care per week:

Small colony (100w or less) £3.00

Medium Colony (500w or less) £4.00

Large Colony (1,500w or less) £5.00


Each additional workers +£1.00 per 1k

Additional colonies, 50% discount on any additional colonies

Shipping to and from our store: Customer arranges

Heating (for a 50w cable @ 35p/kw) £2.94+vat (this is if it is on 24/7, we do meter the energy and only charge for KW consumed)

Tier One Concierge Members:

50% Discount on boarding costs (Excluding extras)

Tier Two Concierge Members:

Complimentary for up to 4 weeks per year

Terms and conditions:

This is a service we offer to make life easier for our customers. To qualify the colony must have been purchased from Ant Antics and the order number of the colony must be locatable on our database. This ensures we are only storing traceable colonies which are legally entitled to be in the United Kingdom.  Colonies from other sellers will not have the traceable history to prove it has not been smuggled into the country and would cause us issues if we get routinely inspected by animal licencing while your colony is here. 


We health check colonies on arrival and do not accept colonies which fail their health check. This means if your colony is sick or has mites we can not permit it to our building.  We use chemical testing on the colonies waste to ensure parasites and stability within the colony.

We will record using our paper logs, every interaction with your colony and each interaction will be documented for your records. Including the temperature, condition, humidity, food provided and cleaning completed. Exactly the same way we log our store colonies care.  We aim to photograph your colony weekly for you to be assured of their welfare. 

We can not be held responsible for any illness or sickness your colony may or may have not, or for any demise that may happen while they are at our store. Although we are experts in our own field and they have the best chance of being just fine with our competent team.

Any care bills must be settled before colony release. Colonies will only be held without payment for up to 4 weeks whereby we reserve the right to retain the colony and pursue any difference in cost from the customer.

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