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Recognition for loyalty


Concierge is a term with many meanings, our pick is the "Provision of a tailored and personalised experience for a customer". Naturally we endeavour to do this for every visitor to our store, but there comes a point whereby more is earned and more is needed.  Concierge membership is our way of showing some appreciation to the people who are there for us, support us and have helped us be who we are today.

Concierge is our Gratitude to you.


Our Journey, funded by you.

Ant Antics is not your everyday brand. We are different and we are not modest when we say that we are changing the future of our hobby in a way that no other store has before. We have been the first to do so much from unboxing experiences to the first Antcon in the world.  From being the first store to aid conservation to being the first to actually insure against public liability. All of which would not be possible without our customers.

  Our customers fund:

  • Our store

  • Our staff

  • Our hardware and setups

  • Our import costs and customs inspections

  • Our conservation investments


  • The countless colonies provided free to schools all over the country

  • Our development and customer support


Concierge is not a subscription, it cannot be requested and it cannot be traded.

 It is a FREE lifetime recognition to your investment into our store and is awarded by us you reach a £1,500 milestone) (Our reseller accounts are excluded from spend contributions)


Membership Perks 

As a Concierge Lifetime Member of Ant Antics we want to give you a little something back, this list is changing and more will be added over time, but as of now we provide you with;

CONCIERGE Tier One MEMBER (£1,500 total spend)

  • Dedicated customer service with out of hours priority.

  • Exclusive trials and testing will only be done by members*

  • A little gift from us annually on your Concierge anniversary date*

  • First choice of colonies with 24 hours notice of stock before it goes live on the store

  • Free reservations of colonies for up to 4 weeks to "hold-back" what you want

  • Guaranteed place at our events including ANTCON*

  • An additional 10% off our store, for life. This personal discount can even be used on top of store offers like Black Friday and Antcon. The exception to this is that it cannot be stacked against other coupon codes

  • A bespoke premium metal loyalty and keepsake card

CONCIERGE Tier Two MEMBER (£2,500 total spend)**

In addition to Tier One membership perks you also get the following;

  • Complimentary tickets to ANTCON for you and a guest*

  • Your 10% Discount is increased to 20%

  • Wined and Dined, Invitation to a pre-antcon meal with the staff and owners of Ant Antics Ltd as well as access to our events and company parties providing you have made a purchase within 3 months of the date.*

  • Complimentary holiday cover - send your ant antics colony to us for up to 3 weeks at a time completely free and we will look after them while you go on vacation*

**Threshold is limited to the first 3 members, at which time it increases to £3,000. Tier Two has a maximum lifetime membership quantity of 6, after 6 qualifying members the Tier Two program will become a "Legacy" Tier.

* Subject to the account being active.  We consider an account active if it us used on average once every 3 months (or at least 4 times every 12 months).  Dormant accounts are considered dormant when unused for periods of 6 months or more (or less than 4 times annually) and subsequently dormant accounts are restricted on perks and/or cancelled after a certain period of time.

Terms & Conditions

As with any membership, free or otherwise. There are conditions to its use. 

Your discount is for personal use only and purchasing on behalf of 3rd parties or exploitation of the benefits in any way will result in your concierge status being withdrawn. We reserve the right to withdraw or change our offerings at any time before, during or after the award is given. Customers can reject the offer of concierge or withdraw from it by emailing us at any time.

Concierge membership only eligible to active customers who are individuals; business' and wholesale customers are not eligible to become or maintain membership.  Membership is withdrawn from Concierge if/when the member becomes a (or works for a) store or competitor at any point of their membership or if the account goes dormant.  This is because our Concierge scheme and perks are a reward for the continued support from our members.

Once membership is withdrawn by either party, it can be reinstated when the conditions are met at the companies discretion.

Dormant Accounts

If your account goes dormant (No purchases are made in 3 months), we will pause your membership for 1 dormant cycle (3 months).  We will let you know if we do this.  Our Concierge membership is for active accounts and if your account is considered dormant for 6 months or more then we reserve the right to cancel the Concierge membership under the assumption you no longer require them.

If you loose your membership card you can purchase a replacement for £26.99

This is a free service and the terms, conditions and benefits can be changed at any time without notice to best serve the interest of the company. We will always be compassionate to our members however and if something gets changed, we understand that your support in the changes will be appreciated as your concierge status is there because you support the store.

Current Concierge Members

A Massive thank you to: our current members;

Tier One

Jake Herbert - Antymatters

Jordan Baker-Cook

Perry Grant - PJ Ants

William James

Adam James - Adams Ants

Jack Kent

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