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Work @ Ant Antics

Working as part of our small team is not something to be taken lightly. You must really love insects and naturally, ants! We will look after you, offer you guidance and support as well as career progression and a path to grow with our company as we strive forward in our goal of becoming the biggest and best ant shop ever seen in the UK.

Ant Antics was the first to revolutionise the industry, we introduced boxing standards of queens which is used by most stores today. We were the first to provide care sheets with our sold colonies, birth certificates and have the best aftersales support. 

Our journey does not end here though. Scroll below to see who we currently need on our team and if you are innovative, hard working and willing to grow with us then we may just have a place for you.

Current Vacancies

General Assistant

@Antics HQ

0 hour contract

(estimated 4-16/week)

Wage: NLW+20p


@Antics HQ

Hours to be discussed

Wage to be discussed

Community & Socials Manager

@Antics HQ

Hours to be discussed

Wage to be discussed

If you love colonies then we would use you. We have strategic systems in place which mean colonies need feeding on time and without fail. This fast paced job will see you physically checking and caring for up to 150 per hour as you strive to quality check, feed and change the tubes of needed queens.

In addition to this, meeting customers at the store, packing orders and being involved in direct customer support are all aspects of the job and to thrive you will need commitment and dedication.

You will need to know your species, we will guide you through the process and our website will help you learn their temperatures, suitability and requirements.

Think you can do this role? Apply today.

As someone who is skilled in working with glass, you will have experience in cutting, finishing and using silicone on glass to an exceptional standard.  As our lead Glassworker, the manufacture of our new and tested range of outworlds and enclosures will be made by your fair hands. 

The right person will also get bonus points for the ability to work with plaster, cork and wood too.

It is no secret that the key to business is to have the ability to maintain a community around it. We are looking for someone who is not camera shy here.

If you know your way around video editing, advert creation and social engagement platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Instagram e.t.c then you may just be who we need to produce content and bring Ant Antics into the homes of more people.

From care guides and instructional videos, to hosting our own show. Creating video and image based promotional adverts and images for our campaigns to getting out in the field documenting our community and conservation work. Our business is a journey and we need eyes to see it.

Ready to apply?

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