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Wholesale & Bulk

Welcome to Ant Antics, and welcome to the team. We get many enquiries from other Ant-Stores about our products and the wholesale / bulk sales of them.

This is something we are happy to accommodate on selected ranges, nests and services. We can even wholesale ant species (although this is sporadic and as we order ourselves so we may not have heaps of stock to sell you all at once)

Our most sought after item right now is our very own "Sugar Snaps". Hitting the industry by storm this wonderful sugar supplement contains a whole range of nutrients and vitamins needed by your pets and as it is so concentrated it can be used as a treat or diluted 10 to 1 or even 15 to 1 to make a fortified sugar water.


We would like to answer the most common questions here:

Can I buy ants for my store at trade prices?

Of course you can! There is one stipulation though, we only sell our live animals to legitimate companies. In order to progress your enquiry further we will need your pet shop licence number, insurance status and a copy of evidence to prove you are a legitimate company. This can be a sole trading certificate in your brand name or your certificate of incorporation. 

Can I buy sugar snaps for my store?

Of course you can!

Can I have a custom colour?

Unfortunately we do not offer OEM or White Label Snaps outside of our flavours. We do have a wide selection of flavours to choose from though. Our brand is so strong that having it in your products under our snaps name will lay credit to it and people will buy based on that alone. 

What sizes are for wholesale?

We can provide you with,

  • 10ml (with cap colour choice)

  • 30ml

  • 60ml

  • 100ml

  • 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml  (for feeding your stores colonies or for bottling yourself)

Is there a MRRP?

We do ask that you meet our MRRP wherever possible but understand you may wish to run promotions on it.

Is there a minimum order?

Not at all.. 10 bottles, 100 bottles, whatever you need. You do pay shipping though so being economical is probably wise.

How to purchase?

Just fill out the form below and we will send you our wholesale pricing and order process.



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